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tv   Stossel  FOX News  October 27, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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on fox news watch. >> breaking news on the libya scandal, we know the white house had information on the benghazi attack, that was terrorism. >> jon: blockbuster news, state department e-mails showing the white house knew on september 11th the benghazi attack was a terrorist attack. revelation calling into question what the president and spokesmen and administration repeatedly claimed and falsely blamed a youtube video. you are right, this is not a situation that that was exactly the same that happened in egypt. >> jon: new details finally getting mainstream coverage but are the media connecting the dots? >> this is journalistic malpractice. >> we have aircraft carriers where planes land on them. >> more president mr. president,
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we have freed other nations from dictaters. >> they square off the final face to face. did the media react as expected? >> with over a week to go. candidates hit the road doing their best to win your vote and media doing all they can to swing the election they think it should go. >> when i go to the polls to be red, white and blue for you know who. >> they are doing all they can to sway your vote. do you care what they think? why do they get so much media attention? >> more bad news for the newspaper biz, clark kent says goodbye to his mainstream media job. >> on the panel, judy miller. cal thomas, jim pinkerton and alan colmes. thanks liberals for saving america. i'm jon scott. fox news watch is on right now.
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>> it was six weeks as today that terrorists attacked the benghazi. now, we obtained e-mail alerts that was put out by the state department as the attacks unfolded. >> 13 days to go before america votes, e-mails show that our top leaders were aware terrorists were taking credit for attacking the u.s. mission in libya, videotape day it happened. while the white house is now saying there was still confusion there are new questions what could have been done in the early hours as the attack was still ongoing. >> jon: cbs tuesday and fox news on wednesday. new details about the terror attacks in benghazi libya.
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every day this past week we seem to have learned something new about who knew what. e-mails detailing what was going on in benghazi and who was to blame. why did it take so long for the media to pay attention to this story and why did the white house seem to spin it differently? charles krauthammer shared his view earlier. >> they might have calculation. they won't be interested in this stuff. we ride it out until election day. what the secretary of state any judgment because we're going to get the report of her committee. you know what her committee is going to report in the middle of next month. that means after election day. all they wanted to do from the beginning is to string it out until election day and why not run with the story that it's all about an american nut who released a video and not about
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the administration for admitting that al qaeda is not on the heels but al qaeda is active. >> jon: he went on to say the media ought to be embarrassed. what do you think? >> i think some of the media should be embarrassed. its sad, sad day in america when the american press decides this is a partisan issue. that the death of four americans overseas doesn't matter if the democratic president is in charge. >> jon: do you think that has been determined? >> for some people, yes. some people have brought into the administration's narrative, most of the information comes out tends to question and challenge that narrative. there has been so little skepticism on the part of some of the media of what the administration has been saying. >> jon: you said, jim, all along that information wants to be free. now, the information coming out and e-mails coming out but the media interested has been slow to develop? >> and perfectly happy to live
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with confusion and cloudiness about this. for an example of the sludge we're dealing with as brent baker at news busters when brian williams interviewed more obama, more president, it was a spontaneous terror attack. the question to the president, we're still working on it. more smoke, more clouds. as matthew bland pointed out much more happy on the today show. nbc is also a program showing snooki vacuum cleaner reports and halloween costumes. [ laughter ] >> jon: news busters is is a right wing website. >> they find anti-conservative bias under every bed. david kirkpatrick this in fact was related to a video.
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you have a "washington post" reporter a c.i.a. briefing that said it was having to do with the video. there was conflicting information. condoleezza rice said the other day, you have to wait until all the information is out. so is this part of the left wing media? why hasn't the media reported on these particular points. the points i just mentioned have been rarely reported. >> 40 years, probably before you were born, 1972 election, gaut watergate was starting to break. they signed woodward and bernstein to dig things out. nixon administration was stonewalling. nixon won a landslide against the late george mcgovern. if this were republican in the white house the media would have attached the suffix, gate to it. with the exception of fox and
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the superior reporting of jennifer griffin and catherine harris. major newspapers and networks are not going after this cover-up a as the watergate people. who knew what and when. why didn't they send a rescue operation in. who made the decision, no, we don't want to send those people in. >> all those questions need to be answered. >>. condoleezza rice said. >> this is six weeks after the attack. >> jon: judy, the question is, are reporters reluctant to ask these questions because we are in the closing days of a presidential campaign? >> i think that maybe a factor for some media. i think a lot of the other media are frightened about what alan referred to the confusion. i would divide this story into two parts. what happened on the ground in libya. how many people were there? were they assigned?
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there were a few people in security. what did the president and administration say to explain what happened? on that you have seen a singular lack of skepticism on the part of the media. >> as cal said, pulitzer prizes waiting to be won here. bob woodward and all these people is a seem to be on the sidelines. >> two days after september 11th. mitt romney is misrepresented that in the second debate. >> it's not clear that his reference to acts of terror was to that. >> second day, in denver it was much clearer. >> jon: cbs had a big interview on "60 minutes" with the president on september 12th, but this part of the interview was not carried on the broadcast. it was put on the internet.
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>> we're still investigating exactly what happened. i don't want to jump the gun on this. you're right this is not a situation that exactly the same as what happened in egypt. my suspicion is there are next on involved in this we're looking to target americans from the start. so, we're going to make sure that our first priority is to get our folks out safe. make sure that our embassies are secured around the world. then we're going to go after those folks that carried this out. >> jon: september 12th the day after the attacks. >> it didn't air. cbs didn't air that broadcast tape, that portion of it. what were they thinking? as alan said this became an issue, you think at some point. cbs would have chosen to publicize interesting footage that it had. >> then the media center,
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concerning watchdog organization all the major news works except for abc did at least one major story about it. abc did 20 seconds. the president of mrc, abc has been shielding obama in order to help him win election but the american people see right through it. >> to anticipate, alan, for a second. [ laughter ] >> if the media research center facts about timing, how many seconds is correct, they are pointing out a true statement. >> they would have pointed out linked to the film and some of the other issues and that have not been covered by any of the me jon: next, the closing presidential debate. >> presidential candidates face
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off for a final time in their last big debate taking on concerning issues of foreign policy. did the coverage reflected the real outcome, or was media bias clear and present? the answer is next on news watch. our abundant natural gas is already saving us money, producing cleaner electricity, putting us to work here in america and supporting wind and solar. though all energy development comes with some risk, we're committed to safely and responsibly producing natural gas. it's not a dream. america's natural gas... putting us in control of our energy future, now.
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>>. the third and final debate between president obama and mitt romney. record number of audience watching here on the fox news channel. >> i think governor romney hasn't spent enough time how our military works. you mentioned we have fewer ships than 1916. we have fewer horses and bayonets. we have things called aircraft carriers where planes land on them. ships that go under water. so the question is not a game of
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battleship. it's what our capabilities. >> the reason i call it an apology tour, you went to the middle east and you flew to egypt and saudi arabia and turkey and iraq. by the way, they noticed you skipped israel. in those nations and arabic tv you said america had been did he miss i have and derisive. america has not dictated to other nations. we have freed other nations from dictatorships. >> let's start with his performance in that debate. how did the media react? >> there were several on the liberal side who thought he was condescending. i think the media wall that has been defending the president is beginning to crack. here is just a few of the comments. david gergin, i think mitt romney did something extremely important to his campaign tonight. that was he passed the commander in chief test. chuck todd said on msnbc,
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president has bigger approximate than trying to disqualify mitt romney. he has to requalify himself for second term. >> jon: what about romney's performance? >> i think he was definitely moving to the center which many commentators pointed out. this was a kinder, gentler mitt romney who didn't want to scare away women voters. i think a number of people were struck, as cal said, by the president's patronizing attitude which even rachel madow had to point out. i think governor romney did a lot of good with that. i think most of the media recognized it. >> which romney are you going to gets? how conservatives going to be assured this was so hawkish up two weeks before the debate and all of a sudden he is green with almost everything i think.
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>> he is trying to lead like bill clinton. >> alan cares about us conservatives. [ laughter ] >> a fascinating sub text to this debate is matt fine an important reporter for "new york times," how bill clinton may have hurt the campaign. and clearly obama forces going to the "new york times" saying, look we followed clinton's advice saying romney was right winger and he turned out to be moderate. somebody told him to put it in. clearly it's a obama forces. interesting thing on the democratic side. >> jon: one noted the left was confident that romney would scare the hell out of voters by coming across as, in the words of "new york times" editorialist
12:18 pm
a strutting warmonger. they started mocking him as peace nik mitt. >> there is definitely indications she shifted positions. alan is right. there were several conflicts that he has taken. it tells you a lot about where the debate is at and how close romney's people think it is. he felt he was going to in gralt iate himself. >> one tweeted, if you had no idea about the race the level of aggression would make you think he is behind. one said the president looked like a challenger with interruptions. >> jon: talk about media assessment. a lot of media paid attention to the body language of these two
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candidates. there were all kinds of articles written about how they looked and smiled. >> governor romney had this expression on his face the whole time that never maid. >> jon: it's called a smirk to me. >> and cal was saying is a by the criticism. pat gudell made the point having been through the carter campaign in 1980, romney like reagan has to be called are you ready to be president. >> more news watch ahead. if i see something that shows media bias, e-mail it to us at were the presidential debates really helpful?
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>> jon: and that was it. last chance for the media and voters to do a side by side comparison. jim, were the debates worth it? >> i think they were. there is a lot of conventional wisdom buzz, debates don't matter. it's clear to me that october 3rd debate but the first one with romney and obama settle the
12:24 pm
template for the rest of the election. it reminds me of other debates, kennedy was good. 1976 and carter was good. 1980 with reagan. it would be up those with showing to meet the candidates, unfiltered. >> that is the question. did these debates do a better job than the media have done to give us a picture of these two candidates? >> i think they did because the two men got to interact and people got a chance to see how they reacted to each other. all of the popular cultural references aside, the malarkey and binders full of women, what is really going on is the american people are deciding who they think they want to vote for and what the character of that person is like. >> what about the moderators. >> i think we spend too much time on the moderators. what is this before each debate.
12:25 pm
part of it going after the media all the time the moderators aren't going to be fair. somebody went to somebody's wedding that means something else. >> the number of interruptions. it's pretty clear. >> journalists should interrupt. depending on what the rules of the debate are, conservatives in particular attack every moderator before the debate like they are trying to set the game to be. it's normally blade it with candidates, they played it with the moderator. >> i'm glad you asked that question. the reason is they are all liberals. they all tend to vote. >> have you seen their voting records? >> we go back to connecticut insurance company survey in the 1970s. every single one have shown that most of the media people are that. let me give a shout out to bob schieffer. yes, he tends to be liberal.
12:26 pm
i thought he was the fairest and most balanced and most effective. >> jim lehrer came off as liberal? >> jim lehrer the moderator got clobbered by the mainstream media for being too easy. it became obvious that leher had left the left down by not jumping in like crowley and raddatz. but dylan quoted brent buzzel who feichbdz fault with the media, i can't find any way schieffer handled the debate. >> i think we agree on schieffer. i still like the potted plant approach to moderate. let the two candidates at it.
12:27 pm
>> every debate had a different set of guidelines. >> that is a good point. >> and all this vehicles, again and again, on one side. you have to wonder after a while whether or not she is being fair and balanced. >> some people see things on one side. >> the left never does that, no? i would much rather see a panel with a diversity of ideology. why can't we have rush limbaugh and sean hannity or alan colmes interrogating one on the right. >> jon: make it blatant right up in front. >> i think it's good, this is what journalists used to do. they would ask confrontation questions. >> the clock is ticking and the
12:28 pm
coverage ramps up. >> debates are done and with election day over a week away, what can we expect from the candidates and what can we expect from the press? find out next on news watch.
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this is fox extreme weather alert. i'm arthel nevil. mayor of delaware ordering evacuations as much of the east coast braces for historic mega storm. hurricane sandy is expected to come ashore near the delaware coast early tuesday. it's then expected to collide with two weather winter weather systems creating a hybrid monster storm. forecasters say a 800 mile swath of the country could see winds up to 50 miles an hour. several states have declared
12:32 pm
states of emergency and the federal emergency management agency is working with local officials to prepare for the storm. experts already predicting one billion dollars in damage. sand i did is responsible for 43 deaths across the caribbean, haiti and cuba. i'm arthel nevil. i'll see you back here at 6:00 p.m. eastern on the fox news channel. >> jon: a little more than one week until election day. the media trailing a long in lock step. they spent a lot of time in iowa this week. in iowa, the "des moines register", big paper the one that endorsed president obama for president back in 2008 when he was a candidate covered the campaign and talked about how different they are. a stark contrast between the two campaigns. why? >> one contrast, "des moines
12:33 pm
register" sports is likely to support president obama. they were struck by the fact they interviewed both candidates they formerly endorsed. no problems. and president obama does a phone interview. we want to endorse you but it's off the record because there is news in there. it's interesting the register went on their own website. we are outraged that our president won't give airing on the record. then they said fine, it's on the record. once again it was between the register and obama. >> they said the endorsement was or off the record. nothing came out to hurt the campaign. i didn't know. >> it's all information manipulation. one dirty secrets, if you want the president and vice president you want the secretary of state you are not allowed to ask certain questions. don't be too confrontational.
12:34 pm
the point is they try to manage the message. >> why would campaign agree to that in the first place? >> exactly. >> you need to know more about the ground rules i was struck by the rolling stone interview with the president. he was talking about using the word we can't use on the air. i know it doesn't shock me. i think it did shock some people. we don't know whether that remark was presumed. >> jon: for our viewers that weren't reading rolling stone. the president is on the cover of youth orientated magazine. he said, kids have good instincts. they look at the other guy and say, that is a bull bleeper, i can tell. >> i think he said it around the
12:35 pm
interview. >> a guy who is running special operations. >> is quoted by rolling stone reporter. his aides were talking to him. >> one politician calling another politician a >> how about the vice president to tell senator which perform an act -- >> barnyard expressions, not that they aren't important here, but polirtico, john demartin had a story about an aide to joe biden, he had been involved. who writes a back called the payoff that is negative on joe biden. no coverage whatsoever. book came out in september. it has been completely ignored. i have to ask myself if this had been about paul ryan, what do you think the chances would have ignored it for one month.
12:36 pm
>> jon: then the president's interview schedule the hard hitting mtv network as well at jay leno. >> it does not speak well of the media. toughest interview had was with univision. what is everybody else. >> on friday, president did a series of radio interviews and mitt rom stayed off for two weeks. >> what your children on halloween. >> coming up. hot topic button issue abortion. >> certainly i did not intend that god pushes people to rai7. >> he makes headlines over his view on abortion. why is there a media double standard when it comes to religious beliefs and other hot button issues. the answer is next on news watch. and
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i struggled with it myself but i realize life is the gift from god. even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape that it is something that god intended to happen. >> jon: richard murdoch giving his view of abortion. he is a republican. that comment received a good amount of coverage. abortion obviously a hot button
12:41 pm
issue but when it comes to covering it in context of a political cain the media pull up comments like that and todd aikens in missouri and use that to be all end all in the coverage. >> it's a very important statement, especially to undecided women. especially to a campaign that is trying to reposition its candidate. >> are you suggesting the media should ignore it. we shouldn't bother with that. any candidate would say something like that. of course it covered. >> he forgot the first rule of being interviewed you never answer the question the way it is asked. he should have said, rape is a horrible crime, but it results in only 1 percent of pregnancy in this country but my concern
12:42 pm
is 55 million babies aborted illegally in this country and number of women who are coming forward and saying they have been lied to. he blew it. >> the media take that comment and apply it to all conservatives. >> it's part of a narrative, you had todd aiken and paul ryan write a bill defining legitimate rape and romney where he has danced himself from the far right extremists. that is why this is part of a narrative. >> notice alan's use of passive voice, it was part of a narrative. [ laughter ] >> they are crazy things. there are three far flung events that the media and you are happy to bundle together in one package. maybe it didn't happen.
12:43 pm
media made me do it. devil made me do it. >> however the immediate jump, this is governor romney's problem. >> including the vice presidential candidate which has this legislation in this candidate that is part of important story. >> or the republican party flat form which is in ink for all to read. >> there was a new ad out for the obama campaign where a young female voter is looking into the camera and urging i guess other female verdicts veordz, if it is your first time. have you seen the ad, judy? bordering on tasteless. >> the issue for the campaign, is it effective. younger people tended to respond well to that ad. >> narrative thing, does jim
12:44 pm
messina and david plouffe directly want to answer dunham's strange endorsement of her. the answer is no, they don't have to. the media don't make the obama people to answer. it's the media. >> it's one thing. >> alan is admitting to it on the air. >> jeed plural which is why we have a show. >> jon: here is another example of media values perhaps conservative values in and the kind of treatment they get. these are the lsu, louisiana state -- i lost the name of the -- i forget what they call themselves. at any rated, there is a picture. they have crosses as part of their body paint. when lsu chose to put it out in
12:45 pm
some kind of university publication, they airbrushed the crosses out and subsequently apologized. i guess, alan you can't be christian. >> i'm not defending this. i don't think they should have airbrushed this out. >> they were using it defense against vampires. vampire movies are big now. >> jon: do voters really care who the hollywood elite support for president? >> hollywood stars and the candidates they support. when it comes to celebrity endorsements, do they really matter? that is next on news watch.
12:46 pm
12:47 pm
12:48 pm
>> you know, i got it.
12:49 pm
when i go to polls in california it will be on points. it's going to be red, white and blue for you know who. >> jon: singer katie perry jumping on the obama bandwagon. we have talked about endorsements affect campaigns but celebrities. >> america loves celebrities. people magazine and access hollywood but are they important in a campaign and how do they influence voters? most people will not admit i voted for the president because barbra streisand told me so, celebrity money and can help bring people in the tent and help validate voter's choice. >> do they matter? we watch their movies. we listen to their music. we take their advice and buy
12:50 pm
their products. do celebrities influence voters? >> voters don't want to think hollywood slibs are telling them how to vote. their expertise is completely outside the political world. >> that doesn't mean they are not valuable? >> people that do interested in those are not on politico websites. but when they see them endorsements they are paying attention more. >> kid rock appearance drives turnout and generates coverage. >> candidates surround themselves with people from outside the political world in order to enhance their own credibility. >> every president has it's challenges. >> which helps explain why the president asked him to do this ad. >> while romney attracts his stars, the edge goes to obama, with heavyweights like george
12:51 pm
clooney and beyonce helping him raise $20 million. >> when you see celebrities coming out to political events, it brings a different group of people into politics. >> while there is not a lot of hard evidence that celebrity endorsements directly influence a voter's choice, the arms race continues. democrats count on morgan freeman and tom hanks. republicans counter with someone like clint eastwood. >> so do celebrity endorsements help or heard presidential candidates? >> i got to tell you meatloaf's endorsement for romney put it over the top. one person who says they have been influenced completely or mainly by a celebrity endorsement and that person should probably not be allowed to vote. >> i ted ted nugent or john
12:52 pm
voight or turner. >> i think the issue is amount of money they can help these candidates raise. look at the amount of money that has been spent on this race at a time when this country has so many pressing needs, for shame. it shouldn't cost that much. >> even eva longoria we made a tweet that would make people cringe. if we said it on the air we would get fired. she half unapologized. nothing would happen to her. see signed a deal with universal sister company of nbc to go on great television career, if you slam conservatives in the savage possible way. >> it's bother me. >> ted nugent is the toast of hollywood. >> people like john voight.
12:53 pm
>> they are not working in hollywood. >> so they do their movies in another location. >> they did their movies 40 years ago. >> you would not see a young celebrity endorsing republican, only the status of icon, like clint eastwood. >> kid rock endorsed romney. >> it's a hard call to decide who is more biased. many in the media or hollywood but i think i will go with hollywood. hollywood leans toward obama. it's clear the money has gone that way. >> when the actress stacy dash endorsed romney she had her head handed to hollywood. >> it's a lesson for all. >> and nobody in hollywood stuck up for her. >> we can play this game from both size, ed asne had shows
12:54 pm
cancelled. >> kid rock is pretty well known cal. >> thoughtful of all people sean penn and two of them, they attack to each other in politics and get together for a beer. kind of sweet. >> but how many of the celebrities could find benghazi on the map. superman takes a stand against the mainstream media. that next to on news watch. where others fail, droid powers through. introducing the new droid razr maxx hd by motorola.
12:55 pm
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>> jon: we've talk about the challenging times for print journalism going from daily today's weeklys and shutting
12:58 pm
operations down. as print media doesn't have enough problems, comes the news the guy from krypton has jumped ship, as well. superman number 13, clark kent the mild mannered stands up on the daily planet newsroom and says she done with the mainstream media. journalists spend more time on fox stories rather than the real issues. >> the big problem, there is no more phone booths. that is the problem. >> comic book writers have him turn back 70 years. apparently turning his back on lois lawn, she has been cheating now he is going to become wait for this, a blogger. man of steel jumping into the substance and civility known as internet.
12:59 pm
julie is shaking her head. he is going to start another blog and writing about lindsay lohan. as one reviewer wrote. >> superman may be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound but can he figure out how to make a living under google's ad structure. superman, cal, what about you? >> i've been a fan of wonder woman myself. look, changing times. phone booths have been gone for the last two superman movies. >> i want wanted to keep you up to speed. >> jon: that is going to do it for this week. jackson to judy miller and the rest of our panel. i'm john scott. thanks for watching. see you next week for another edition of fox news watch.


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